About Us:
Our vision is simple – to empower women in their busy, active everyday lives so they will look and feel feminine, stylish and comfortable. All day. Everyday. Our performance apparel is creatively designed to move seamlessly between the activities of everyday without sacrificing quality or style. We blend eco-friendly fibers into our long-lasting apparel with minimal impact on the environment, always keeping our planet in mind.

Our Design Philosophy:
We believe a full life is about balance – balancing exercise with leisure and work with fun. Our designers apply this philosophy to the creation of apparel that combines the technical performance you need for your workout, with the style you want for business, travel and play. Our collection is brimming with special details that make our clothes fit better, look better and wear better. It all starts with performance - everything we make is rigorously fit tested to meet your standards for style and technical attributes. 

Our Logo:
According to ancient philosophy, people around the world regard the peace symbol as a means of attracting good things into their lives. We take this wisdom to heart and stitch it into every item of clothing we make.

Based in Denver, Colorado Soybu has been creating exceptional and inspired performance apparel since 1998. We want to thank you for your support and hope you enjoy your purchase! We'd love to hear from you! Please tell us about your experience with Soybu and how it has made your life a little easier - you can contact us on our Facebook, Twitter or at info@soybu.com! 

We really enjoy hearing from our customers.  Here is what you are saying:

"I work out 5 days a week, and my beautiful Soybu clothing has looked fresh and new, and maintained its stretch for years~~and dozens of washings.  I add new pieces to my collection frequently, and I love the attention to detail and design features that make this clothing as beautiful as it is functional and comfortable."  -Gloria, December 2013

"I'm in love with my new killer caboose pants - I don't want to take them off, they fit awesome and are super comfortable." -Suzanne, December 2013

"Soybu. Wear it. Live it.  Soybu has the greatest clothing for working out, playing golf, dashing off to the office to make some calls and hitting the grocery store all just in time to pick up the kids from the bus.  It is clothing that can transition making our busy lives seem simpler.  Personally, I am a person who manages a lot during her day and I like being powered by Soybu." -Amy V., December 2013

"Wow! SOYBU rocks without breaking my bank!  Finally an exercise line that includes comfort, style and quality without the over bearing prices!!  I am an active 42 year old!  I am in 'exercise' clothing everyday and I will always be a SOYBU fan!!  Keep up the great work!  Yours Truly, Melanie", December 2013

"I have been a loyal lululemon addict and with recent changes with that company I am so ready to switch my loyalty.  Thank you for providing such a fantastic product for the teachers and practitioners of the world!!!" - Lisa S., Idaho, November 2013

"I just wanted to thank you for using healthy looking models on your website and promotinal materials!  With real, strong women modeling your clothes, I can better visualize myself wearing them.  I love your products and get so many compliments in my yoga class!"  -Hannah Y., November 2013

"With an extensive collection of clothing designed to fit every size, Soybu is helping women from Colorado and beyond feel confident in themselves.  From cheerleaders to 6 foot tall sports writers, and every size in between."  - Holly Osborn, 303 Magazine, November 2013